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Publications 2011

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-  B. Abdellaoui, Y. Nasri and A. Primo.
Strong regularizing effect of a gradient term in the heat equation with a weight.
Mediterr. J. Math., To appear

-  N. Abdellatif, N. Chorfi and S. Trabelsi.
Spectral discretization of the axisymmetric vorticity, velocity and pressure. Formulation of the Stokes problem. J. Sci. Comput., 47, 2011, 419-440.

- H. Arfaoui, F. Ben Belgacem, H. El Fekih and J.-P. Raymond. Stabilizability of the linearized viscous Saint-Venant system. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B, 15(3), 2011, 491-511.

- P. Auger, A. Moussaoui and G. Sallet. Basic reproduction ratio for a Fishery model in a patchy environment. Acta Biotheorica, To appear (2012).

- L. Belaid Jaafar, A. Ben Abda and N. Al Malki. The Cauchy problem for the Laplace equation and application to image inpainting. ISRN, Mathematical Analysis, To appear.

- A. Ben Abda, L. Jaafar Belaid and A. Sakat. Data recovering problem using moments theory and applications to some inverse problems. International Journal of Tomography and Statistics, V17, NS11, 2011, 1-16.

- A. Ben Abda, J. Henry and F. Jday. Boundary data completion : the method of boundary value problem factorization. Inverse Problems, 27(5), 2011, To appear.

- F. Ben Belgacem, C. Bernardi and H. El Fekih. Dirichlet boundary control for a parabolic equation with final observation I : A space-time mixed formulation and penalization. Asymptotic Analysis, 71(1-2), 2011, 101-121.

- F. Ben Belgacem, N. Gmati and F. Jelassi. Total overlapping Schwarz preconditionners for elliptic problems. ESAIM : Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 45, 2011, 91-113.

- K. Benmeriem and C. Bouzar. Algebras of generalized Gevrey ultradistributions. Novi Sad J. Math, 41(1), 2011, 53-62.

- K. Benmeriem and C. Bouzar. Generalized Gevrey ultradistributions and their microlocal analysis. Operator Theory : Advances and Applications, 213, 2011, 235-250.

- F. Bentalha. Stokes fluid surrounding a viscoelastic suspension with short memory. J. Applied Functional Analysis, 6(3), 2011.

- C. Bouzar and T. Saidi. Fourier analysis of generalized functions. Integral Transforms and Special Functions, 22(4-5), 2011, 337-344.

- H. Ilhem. Exponential decay rate of the perturbed energy of the wave equation with Zero order term. Advances in Pure Mathematics, 1, 2011, 276-279.

- M. Kada and S.E. Rebiai. Stability radii of infinite-dimensional systems subjected to unbounded stochastic perturbations. Systems & Control Letters, 61(1), 2012, 24-30.

- N. Kharrat and Z. Mghazli. A posteriori error analysis of time-dependent Stokes problem by Chorin-Temam scheme. Calcolo, 49(1), 2012, 41-61.

- K. Latrach, Garcia-Falset, E. Moreno-Galvez and M.A Taoudi. Schaefer-Krasnoselskii fixed point theorems using a usual measure of weak noncompactness. J. Differential Equations, To appear.

- K. Latrach and H. Megdiche. Time asymptotic behaviour for Rotenberg model with Maxwell boundary conditions. Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst., 29(1), 2011, 305-321.

- A. Moussaoui, P.Auger and C. Lett. Optimal number of sites in multi-site fisheries with fish stock dependent migrations. Math. Biosci. Eng., 8(3), 2011, 769-783.